Vali Mada: “My favorite color is October”

Student at the theological seminar, DJ with intense night life, and then firefighter, Vali Mada is a talented photographer from Satu Mare, Transylvania with a life full of extremes and contrasts.

Doru Şupeală: “When I see a problem, I say it out loud. Happiness comes from progress and from helping...

Marketing and communication specialist with experience in business, press, radio and TV, friend with technology and the latest trends in the field, Doru Şupeală is an important, relevant and well-informed civic voice from Transylvania.

Raul Cîșlariu – young entrepreneur who gave up college to start his own business in Baia Mare

Raul Cîșlariu is a young entrepreneur from Baia Mare who gave up college to start his own business. Raul is 22 years old and has already put into practice 2 business ideas. This year he started a home delivery business with which he wants to impress the people from Baia Mare.

Diana Hener – the young woman who made the tour of Romania by bicycle to support the people diagnosed...

Diana Hener is a young woman who made the tour of Romania by bicycle in 2016 to support the people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and to find interesting people and unusual places in Romania.

Iulian Timar – “We should take refuge in nature more often, because we were not made to live in...

Iulian Timar is a talented young man who plays in folk band PICuri de folk. Passionate about hiking, mountain competitions and climbing, he loves spending his time in the mountains, singing and playing guitar, learning about technology and doing small cinematic projects.

Bogdan Bob Rădulescu – “I knew I would become an actor before knowing the meaning of this word”

Actor and event moderator, socially active and involved in charity events, nonconformist and little crazy, Bogdan Bob Radulescu is an atypical artist born and raised in Cluj-Napoca.

Ellie Cachette – “Romanians have an amazing entrepreneurial spirit, Cluj is really making itself something to be proud of”

Ellie Cachette is an American Technology executive, activist and author who has received many awards for her accomplishments in business and charity work. This is her opinion about Transylvania and Romanians in general

Bernàd Andor – the photographer from Mures who sells memories at the market

Bernàd Andor is a photographer from Mures who sells antiques and old cameras at Transylvanian fairs, and in his spare time he gathers material for a personal exhibition he wants to organize in Cluj-Napoca.

Denise Baldwin – “I thought I’d stay in Cluj for 1 year, 4 years later I’m still here because...

Denise is from England, she's been living in Cluj-Napoca for 4 years and she's not planning to leave yet because she is in love with the city. Denise has traveled the world and worked as volunteer in Guatemala. She is passionate about people and the saxophone.

Georgeta Gheorghiu – the homeless woman who writes a novel about her life on the streets of Cluj-Napoca

Georgeta Gheorghiu can’t return home because of a conflict with her neighbors who, according to her, had poisoned her house. She spent the last 17 years of her life on the streets, wandering across Europe as a hitchhiker. Now she is writing a novel based on her life on the streets of Cluj-Napoca.