Vali Mada: “My favorite color is October”

Student at the theological seminar, DJ with intense night life, and then firefighter, Vali Mada is a talented photographer from Satu Mare, Transylvania with a life full of extremes and contrasts.

Bogdan Bob Rădulescu – “I knew I would become an actor...

Actor and event moderator, socially active and involved in charity events, nonconformist and little crazy, Bogdan Bob Radulescu is an atypical artist born and raised in Cluj-Napoca.

Denise Baldwin – “I thought I’d stay in Cluj for 1...

Denise is from England, she's been living in Cluj-Napoca for 4 years and she's not planning to leave yet because she is in love with the city. Denise has traveled the world and worked as volunteer in Guatemala. She is passionate about people and the saxophone.

Tavi Caldarari – the artist behind the most famous mime and...

Octavian Caldarari is a self-made-man and one of the most famous street artists in Cluj-Napoca, because he comes together with two unusual characters: Mimo Poetul - the most famous mime in Cluj-Napoca and the clown Copăcel (little tree) - the funniest clown from the Central Park.

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